There will be a variety of different topics and types of articles posted here on The Big 12 BasketBlog. These can all be found individually in the drop-down in the Features tab on the site’s main menu, but the links can be found below as well.

  • Power Rankings
    • Once the season officially starts in November, these Power Rankings will be updated weekly with various statistics, observations, video clips, and other tidbits I’ve noticed about each team. Once it becomes late December and conference games begin, I’ll look at conference-only statistics as well.
    • In the offseason, I’ll update these periodically based on any important news, such as recruiting, transfers, coaching changes, etc.
  • Game Predictions (Let’s Gamble!)
    • Every day there is a Big 12 game, conference or non-conference, you will find a post with my thoughts on the game, including my prediction, both straight up and against the spread.
    • In the nitty gritty of the Big 12 season and with major non-conference matchups, these posts will include some analysis on the matchup, and what I expect to see out of each side.
  • Game Recaps
    • Here’s where you’ll find my reaction and analysis to games that just finished. These will typically go up the night of the game or the morning after. Expect to see a big weekend roundup post on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings reviewing all the action on Saturdays during conference play in January through March.
  • Bracketology
    • One thing I enjoy doing far more than I should is attempting to make predictions on what the bracket will look like come Selection Sunday. So I’ll have Bracketology posts here periodically.
    • There is also a practical benefit to this as well. Examining the resumes of all the potential at-large teams helps give some clarity as to where Big 12 teams stack up against the rest of the country.
    • There will be a preseason bracket projection every year. Then, I’ll have many more in late February and March than there will be in non-conference play.