Bracketology: Post-Feast Week Edition – November 27, 2017

Here is my Bracketology projection following the conclusion of Feast Week. Most teams have now played anywhere between 5 and 8 games, and most have played at least one game against quality competition, if not more. The holiday tournaments have given us many more chances to evaluate teams and see whether they’re for real or not.

I’ve built a bracket for this edition, and I’ve seeded the teams 1-68. I’m also showing who I have on the outside looking in at this time. The toughest thing right now is evaluating teams based on actual results compared to preseason expectations. The perfect example of this is Arizona.

Arizona went to the Battle 4 Atlantis ranked #2 in the country, lost 3 straight games (including one by 25 to Purdue), and are now not even ranked. How do you balance their performance with what we all expected from them? If the tournament started today, they almost certainly would not receive a bid. Nothing is in their resume to deserve it. But, they still have loads of talent and are ranked in the top 20 of Kenpom. What do you do? I’ve basically punted, and I’ve seeded them as a 7-seed. They no longer deserved to be seeded as a top seed, but it’s not like they’re going to miss out on the tournament. So I’ve split the difference essentially for now.

Wisconsin is a similar team. The Badgers are 3-3 with no bad losses but no quality wins. They likely have another loss headed their way tonight, as they play at Virginia. Before the season, I had them as a 10-seed. For now, I have them just outside the 68 team field, as my first team out. That seems like the proper placement for the Badgers at this time.

Alright, here is my current bracket. I’ll dive into what this all means for each Big 12 team below.
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Bracketology: Preseason Edition

Here is my preseason edition of “Bracketology”. I didn’t build a bracket at this point, because that’s basically entirely pointless at this time. I just seeded the teams 1-68, making sure to have one bid from each league and the correct amount of at-large bids. This gives you a good idea of where teams are currently situated headed into the season and who their direct competition is for particular seeds, regions, and pods.

I’ll dive into what this all means for each of the relevant Big 12 teams below. Here is the seed list.
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