Guide to the Big 12 Offseason: An Early Look at Each Team’s 2019 Roster/Outlook

Yesterday on Twitter, I tweeted out something I’ve been working on the last couple of days — a detailed look at each Big 12 team headed into this offseason and how each team will look during the 2019 season.

It was well received, and I want to post it here at the blog, so everyone can find it easily without having to dive into my Twitter feed. This also gives me a chance to explain everything with more characters to use. Here’s the link to the sheet. (I embedded the sheet here as well. The links won’t work as well and the formatting might be a bit off with the embedded version so you’re probably just better off clicking the link that takes you to the actual sheet.)


Let’s talk through some of the things I’ve included on each team’s page. Each page will show the following sections for each team:

  • Scholarship breakdown by class
  • Graduating seniors and their statistics
  • NBA Draft early entrants and their statistics
  • Sit-out transfers set to play next season and their statistics at their last school
  • Incoming recruits (with links to their 247Sports page and the class page at 247Sports)
  • Incoming grad transfers and their statistics
  • Incoming sit-out transfers who won’t be able to play until the 2020 season
  • Key returning statistics (the top three returners in PPG, RPG, APG, and Usage/ORtg)
  • My projections for starters, key bench contributors, and TBD (either freshmen or guys who just haven’t seen the court enough yet)
  • A link to the 2019 projection page for that team

Let’s talk about that last bullet point for a second. is a great, free college basketball rankings website. It’s similar to Kenpom. It also has a ton of GREAT features that you should check out like their own bracketology, resume comparisons, player efficiency charts, and many more that I won’t list here.

These 2019 projections are still in their early infancy, and they are not my predictions. I’ll say that again. These are not my predictions. I’d love it if they were, because that would mean I’m much smarter than I actually am and I’ve built a super cool website, but they are not mine. They are Bart Torvik’s. I’ve already had a few people comment on the projections asking why I think X team will finish in X position next season. I don’t. These are not my projections. Now my second point, and this is very important. These projections are not final and are provisional at this point. Take it from the man himself.

Remember that parenthetical stating these are “extremely provisional” when you examine them. Basically what I’m trying to say is, “Don’t freak out and act like these projections are set in stone and will be the preseason projections for 2019.” I’ll say it for Bart Torvik even though he’s not asking me to — there will be some movement with these. Rosters are not even close to being finalized yet. Here’s the link to the Big 12 page for 2019, and here’s the link to the national page.

Okay, back to the Google Sheet team pages. I ran through what you’ll see on the left side of each sheet in each team’s section. On the right side of each sheet, there is a handy table of contents in the upper right portion of the sheet where you can quickly click back and forth between team pages. Below that is the very early projections for the Big 12 Conference as a whole. Click on the title to take you to that page on his website. Once you’re there, there will be additional information such as his Barthag rating (pythagorean expectation), percent of minutes returning, percent of possession minutes returning, and more for each team. In my table that I’ve put on each team page, I’ve included his current projections for National Rank, Adjusted Offense, Adjusted Defense, projected record, and projected conference record. This gives a very early look at where your team could potentially finish in 2019.

Okay, that’s the Google Sheet. I will pin this to the top of my Twitter feed and to the first page of my blog. It will be updated over the next 2-3 months as all of the college basketball offseason happenings take place. Once everything is finalized, I will probably post my own projected standings as well. If you see anything that is wrong, please let me know. I want this to be 100% accurate and for it to be a tool for every fan to look at with confidence this offseason. Enjoy.





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