Way-Too-Early 2018 Big 12 Power Rankings: #10 Kansas State Wildcats

Our projected 10th place finisher in the Big 12 next season: the Kansas State Wildcats.

Key Details

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Welcome to the Big 12 BasketBlog!

Welcome to the Big 12 BasketBlog! Let me give a little background as to the reason for this blog. I am a huge college basketball fan, and over the last couple years, I’ve done some light writing and tweeting about the sport. I’ve contemplated going all-in and blogging about it, but that’s a big endeavor! There are 351 D-1 teams; there are 75 teams┬ájust in the Big Six basketball conferences. I came to the realization this past season that there was one conference I wanted to focus on in particular. If you haven’t realized it yet, that’s the Big 12 (I really hope you had already realized it; otherwise, you may be lost here).

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